The Night-Time Emmy Awards

The Night-Time Emmy Awards

Guest post from: Natalie Walter

One of my favorite Awards show to watch is always the Night-Time Emmy Awards. Here I get to see my most favorite TV programs nominated for awards. When I know the Emmy’s are going to be on I always make sure that my schedule is clear. I grab my favorite snacks and beverages, pull up a comfortable chair and turn on my tv plus hd dvr.

The Emmy’s are a show that I try not to miss. I’m always nervous with anticipation as to whether my favorite TV shows will snag up an award. I also like to see my favorite Actors/Actresses win. A few days before the festivities I like to look up info about the show online. I study up on the categories and nominees. This is how I know who’s nominated for what and which category is coming up when. I also like to see who’s going to be presenting the awards.

The gowns are also a fun part of any award show. Here you get to see the stars wear the latest styles and fashions. Usually the guys wear the same Tuxedo’s year after year no matter how they try to dress them up. I’m only concerned with the female fashions. The dresses, hair, makeup and jewelry are always so exciting to see. Especially when they wind up in your favorite magazines the very next day.

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